Our Committee

Howard Griffin

Howard was initiated in 2006 into Stella Maris Lodge No. 7279, As a career, Howard is a Senior Lecturer in Architecture at the University of Kent and he joined St Augustine Lodge as it became part of the Universities Scheme in 2008 where he took the office of secretary. He is an active member of the national Universities Scheme where he is responsible for communications and marketing and represents the South East region. With his knowledge and experience, he was asked to help form and Chair the East Kent Light Blue Brothers group which allows new and young masons will be able to create friendships in Masonry. Outside of Freemasonry, Howard enjoys gardening, film and music and is recently getting back into sailing after many years away from it.

Andrew Berry

Initiated in in to Gray Lodge 4334, Chatteris, Cambridgeshire in April 2011, moved to Kent in 2012 and joined United Industrious Lodge No.31 in Canterbury. Currently JW. A member of Bertha Chapter 31. Married to Barbara and live in Whitstable. Work as a project manager in the Contact Centre industry, have been in my current role for 22 years. Hobbies include photography, Kayaking and smallbore target shooting. Secretary of the East Kent Light Blues Brothers since 2019. ​

Events coordinator
Fraser Gregory

Fraser Gregory is the events coordinator for EKLBB. He joined freemasonry in 1999 and has recently been the 100th Master of Queenborough Lodge No. 3893. He describes his hobbies as as singing, golf, fishing and is an active member of both his lodge and the EKLBB committee. He describes his greatest ambition to simply getting people together and enjoying a laugh.​

Communications Officer
Mark Ravenwood

Mark is an active member of the Old Ruymian Lodge in Ramsgate. He Lives in Canterbury and teaches mathematics at secondary level. ​

Membership Officer
Neil Marshall

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Events Committee
Mark Prince

Mark Prince is a Past Master of Pentangle Lodge 1174 and is an active member of the Events team within the EKLBB. He works as a Project Manager within Industrial Refrigeration. His Hobbies include Classic Cars and Photography.​

Committee Member
Steven Ford

Steven was initiated into Union Lodge 127 in 2011. He is the owner of the Coastal Dance Club and joined Terpsichore Lodge 7454 in 2018. This lodge was set up in 1956 to bring together all those affiliated with the dancing world. Living in Beltinge, his hobbies include target shooting and kayaking. ​

Events Committee
Ronan Georgin

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Media & PR
Jamie Symon

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Commitee Member
Paul McGuirk

Paul is a member of the Royal Navy Lodge No. 429 in Ramsgate where he was Master in 2018. After selling his own business, Paul is now semi retired but keeps busy working as a business consultant specialising in strategy planning and change management.
In his spare time, he is an avid golfer and also runs the East Kent masonic Golf association .

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